Starting Your Own Club

The Club Gym/Premises must be inspected and passed as fit for purpose by at least 2 Officers of the Merseyside & Cheshire ABA Executive Committee.

The main criteria that must be met and accepted by the inspecting Officers are:

All lighting, electrical services, heating apparatus, fire alarm and fire fighting equipment, plumbing and gas services must be of the correct safety specifications as laid down by the local Health and Safety Authority.

The premises must have sufficient fire exists and extinguishers.

The Gym/Premises floor area available space must be of a suitable size to allow Club members to train safely.

The Club must have a Boxing Ring that complies with the criteria as set out in the Rules and Regulations of AIBA Boxing at least 14 foot inside the ropes and must four corner posts, four sets of ropes and the inside floor of the ring must have protection to a minimum of 1″ thick foam and canvas.

There must be at least 5 Punch bags or Wall pads, all in a safe and serviceable condition.

There must be separate and adequate changing and toilet facilities for both male and female members.

There must be a Club Notice Board on site to ensure all polices, updates, minutes of meetings, rule changes and information is displayed publicly.

There must be adequate AIBA Approved and serviceable Boxing training gloves, head guards, abdominal protectors and chest protectors for women to cater for all types of Boxing training sessions.

NB. Under no circumstances can Males and Females use the changing or showering facilities at the same time.
When a Male is overseeing the weighing in or checking the weight of a Female, the Female must be chaperoned by another suitably aged Female.

Adults and Children must not use the showering facilities at the same time.