About Us

Merseyside and Cheshire is an amateur boxing association within England boxing.


The main reasons for Establishing our own Association were to put ourselves in a much more beneficial position locally, such as, Self Governance, Financial Independence, a more Regional, Cultural Identity and an ability to get better use of local resources for our own Clubs.


Geographically, the former North West Counties ABA Area was very difficult for administration purposes and at times led to communication problems. As Merseyside & Cheshire ABA we now operate as a more coherent unit, with decision making much easier and outcomes being much more
local orientated.


Our aim is to provide local facilities for anyone who is interested in learning the skills of boxing and to create the opportunity for those who wish to pursue the sport of amateur boxing to do so.


We try to create a boxing community where our members feel valued and connected and part of our expanding boxing family.



Paul King

Tel: 07516 302885

Email: paulking10@hotmail.co.uk

Alan Lynch

Tel: 0787 245 5992

Email: alan.lynch@abae.org.uk